Sri Lanka Matha (Mother Sri Lanka)

"Sri Lanka Matha" is the national anthem of Sri Lanka.
The words and music were written by Ananda Samarakoon

National Flag Of Sri Lanka

The National Flag of Sri Lanka represents the country
and her heritage as rallying device that integrates the
minorities with the majority race.

Sri Lanka Facts

Sri Lanka, is a free, independent and sovereign nation
with a population of 19.5 million (2004 est). Legislative
power is exercised by a Parliament, elected by universal franchise on proportional representation basis.
A President, who is also elected by the people,
exercises executive power including defense.

Ancient Cities Of Sri Lanka

Ancient Cities

Since ancient times Sri Lanka was ruled by monarchs, most notably of the Sinha royal dynasty that lasted over 2000 years.
Golden Beaches of Sri Lanka


The most beautiful, wide and sandy beaches can be found around Sri Lanka  a thriving tourist resort with many hotels.
Video Gallery

Video Gallery

See with your own eyes how beautiful Sri Lanka is? You will surely make your next visit to this small island. See it to believe it...

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